Keexs Classic 3.0 – Ijinle Limited Edition (unisex Sneakers)

Designer: Keexs

  • ₦20,000

“ijinle” in the yoruba language means “the roots”, “authentic, “ancestors”, and other more powerful

Availability: Ready To Wear
  • color
Our custom print draws inspiration from “IBILE” and elements of our KEEXS DNA.
·         AFROCENTRIC: drums, cowries, beads, masks
·         INNOVATIVE: smartphones, chips, circuit boards
·         SOCIAL: people, love, power fist , giving back
·         SPORTY: a KEEXS sneaker silhouette
·         URBAN: cityscape, national theatre, speakers,
·         RED: KEEXS brand color, energy and love
·         BLUE: Lagos lagoon and Ocean
This classic 3.0 is our 3rd version of upgrade from the IBILE Collection released in 2017 with a lighter, improved non-slip outsole and more refined vegan leather upper.
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