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noah's ark communications end of the year party

The color white, as angelic as it is, is one color associated with the luxurious lifestyle party lovers have ...

December 21, 2018 (7 months ago)
The color white, as angelic as it is, is one color associated with the luxurious lifestyle party lovers have adopted over the years. Whether on a yacht, a birthday party or an all-white aso-ebi owambe, white is a color that is here to stay in the party scenes and Noah’s Ark Communications didn’t slack on this color at their End of the Year which was a white tee and denim themed party they called Ark Fest.
The company’s expansive space was able to accommodate her staff in large numbers and still let in guests who were mainly clients of the company.

From the decoration and lighting set up at the open space to the cocktail feel the event had, other aesthetics put in place to give the perfect ambiance, excess food and drinks to go around, the Noah’s Ark Party was as lit as the most beautiful fireworks on a new year eve.
Trust the creative animals who also double as party animals to turn every turn up into an animal themed one. The Ark fest started out as a competitive phase between two groups: Crouching Eagle & Hidden Dragon. This phase saw the animals of the Ark in their distinct group competing to be crowned the custodian of the ark.

Soon enough, the hour of recognition came and awards were given to those who were found deserving of recognition for their good work. Once this phase was over with, the party proper began. With red cups and bottles in hand, the lives of the party in their numbers took to the...
9, Sowemimo Street, Ikeja GRA
... dance floor and rocked to hits of the moment and some oldies that serenaded the air.

The few party guests whose dancing skills were somewhat lacking positioned themselves at the game arena and engaged in different games, over which they bonded with strangers who had also come to enjoy their night.
The night of the 21st December 2018, animals of the Ark proved to us that not only could they solve problems with the right communication, they also throw the meanest parties! Who is still hung up on the endless booze and music? We are!

9, Sowemimo Street, Ikeja GRA

Pictures from event