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Anyone familiar with Terrakulture surely knows the name, Bolanle Austen-Peters. Owner of Terrakulture, direct...

January 02, 2019 (7 months ago)
Anyone familiar with Terrakulture surely knows the name, Bolanle Austen-Peters. Owner of Terrakulture, director and producer of mind blowing and popular stage plays, Fela and the Kalakuta Queen, Waka the Musical, Saro the Musical, and the latest attention-grabbing stage play, Moremi the Musical.

Moremi the Musical, an original story of the Yoruba iconic heroine, Moremi of Ile-ife, the daughter of one of Ife’s bravest hunter-warrior, Lukugba and Princess Olumbe of Offa, whose single act of bravery is the reason why the Yoruba race wasn’t wiped off the face of the earth in difficult times.

The event which kicked off on the 21st of December and finally came to an end on the 2nd of January, was star-studded. Terrakulture was filled to its brim and just as celebrities trooped in to enjoy the stage play, royalty wasn’t left out, as Ooni Adeyeye Ogunwusi of Ile-Ife, who highly revers the ancestral figure, Moremi and has always pushed for her recognition globally especially through the Moremi Ajasoro Beauty Pageant, graced the theatre with his presence.

Let’s take a walk down the memory lane and explore what we learnt within the four walls of the classroom or folktales heard at the feet of grandparents back in the old days.
Moremi was married to Oranmiyan, the King of Ile-ife. Trouble came calling soon enough and where many women accepted to take the back seat or be absent from key-decision making meetings in...
... a time when men had the only say in the kingdom, Moremi pushed to be at the front seat, she never shied away from being in the “room”.
In finding a solution to the endless travails of her people, she visited Esimirin, the river goddess and sought out a solution for her people. She was blessed with wisdom by the kind goddess, which dictated her next line of action. She allowed herself to be captured by the “forest people” otherwise known as the Igbo people, whose king fell in love with her. Moremi learnt their secrets and this she used in defeating her captors.
Ife became free but at a cost, Moremi had to sacrifice her son, Olurogbo, to the river goddess who refused other items of sacrifice.

The Musical, an original story of Moremi Ajasoro and her impact of Ile-ife, brought to life the rich and deep ancestral story of the Yoruba race and heritage. It was an emotional stage play that got the audience in their feelings. Got many thinking if they could be the indomitable African amazon whose single heroic sacrificial act liberated her people.

The stage play was interestingly acted by Veteran actors, Bimbo Manuel, Femi Branch, Kunle Afolayan, Omotola-Jalade Ekehinde, Rotimi Adelagan, Big Brother Nigeria contestant, Bam Bam, Deyemi Okanlawon, Ayo Ayoola, Lala Akindoju and Kehinde Bankole who brought the warrior woman, Moremi to life.
From the costume, to the stage setting, lighting used and other aesthetics, the expertise of the thespians, we got completely immersed in the story and we all felt the fears of Ile-ife people when they were on the brink of extinction. Every minute of the Musical was everything we wished for and more. The rich story told, the dancing and singing, the evergreen culture sold and the easy flow between perfect story telling and character interpretation on stage, we shall never forget Moremi The Musical in a hurry.

Where strategy failed, a phoenix arose, Moremi Ajasoro. Ile-ife will forever be grateful.


Pictures from event