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Trends to expect in 2020

Trends to expect in 2020

Wawooh HQ Jan 14, 2020 Uncategories 0 Comments

Puff sleeves, biker shorts, bucket hats, animal prints, and super tiny bags were defining trends of 2019. We saw these trends make massive fashion statements and stir up creativity in capacities we had never seen. But, the year came to a fashionable halt and gave room for the much-anticipated fashion statements of 2020.

So, what trends are you to expect in 2020?
From fashion week to fashion week, we experienced astonishing designs of stylish excellence on the runway. All of which has set the foundation for what promises to be a stylish 2020.
Without further ado, here are trends that are sure to define 2020;
Polka dots
Minne might be the queen of polka dots but even she is about to drop dead shocked this new year. The vintage pattern was seen paired and presented in ultra-modern ways across different runways all over the world, we could not help but crave a piece. 2020 is sure to have designers and stylists play with polka dots like never before giving the evergreen pattern the opportunity to be in the spotlight once more.
Leather clothing
It may not be 1975 anymore but leather is here to stay. From skirts to tops, bags, and shoes, leather has proven to be a versatile fabric used to create timeless fashionable statement pieces. The leather trend started in the late 70s having its glory days in the 80s and becoming a wardrobe staple in the late 90s/2000s. Today, owning a piece of leather clothing is as important as owning a plain t-shirt. Once again, leather is about to make its way deep into the heart of Millennials, as colorful, distinctive pieces-blazers, skirts, hats, bralette- are on the trend table for 2020.  
Turn the lights off! We are about to shine so brightly, you would be uncomfortable. Neon left us with an impression in 2019 and now we are craving more. Years ago many would have argued that the bright and colorful fabric was sure to be a flop in the industry but today, it stands to be one of the biggest trends that would happen again in 2020. From biker shorts, hoods and red carpet dresses (yes, you read that right), neon has been tried, proven worthy of the attention and is here to reign.
Hoop earrings
Nothing can go wrong with hoop earrings. Ever heard of the saying “give her hoop earrings and watch her conquer the world?”, well, now you have. Hoop earrings are one of the most powerful pieces of jewelry a woman can own. They have the ability to transform an outfit so basic into a head-turner while instilling confidence and grace to its bearer. The biggest jewelry rave of 2019 is not taking a break. 2020 is about to see the most creative versions of the statement pieces worn in an inventive approach.
Wide fitted dresses
While the body clinging, curve defining pieces of clothing would always have a place in our hearts, 2020 is going to be less about bodycon dresses and more about wide fitted dresses. We are about to go back to our fashion history books, see how it was done and reinvent jaw-dropping loose clothing for the new generation.
As predicted by trusted designers and stylists, summer 2020 is going to be one for crochets. The trend which hit the limelight in 2019 is not about to back down. More and more designers were seen creating mouth-watering crochet pieces not just for the summer but also for red carpets in their SS20 collections. Grab your wallet and start shopping crochets, they are a must-have for the new year.
Big bags

Lizzo might have gone all crazy with her super-duper tiny bag, but we are all about to lose it with big bags. SS20 runways were flooded with models rocking bags so big, you could fit a baby in it. Little after the shows were over, street style influencers and some of our favorite celebrities were seen rocking big-( like really big)- bags. Lookout 2020, our bags are about to be as big as our dreams!

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