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For a very long time, expression of one’s self has been through fashion. This expression however isn’t limited to clothing alone, it embodies the hair, accessories used to enhance beauty, the creativity of apparels and let’s not forget the shoes and the bag. But in all of this, there is a constant, one that must always be present and it is tagged the most important- clothes.

The beauty of fabrics and the skilled hands of so many fashion designers have collaborated in creating some amazing fashion pieces that have left fashion consumers and the indifferent few in awe. It is however sad that many try so hard at imitating these wonderfully crafted wears but fail at it. Indeed, many are called but few are chosen.

At WAWOOH, we have the chosen ones and our assurance to you is, “what you see is what you get”. We take away the burden of overthinking what to wear for any event or casual turn up. With our collection from renowned and the best emerging fashion brands in Africa, you can rest assured that you get the value of your money worth. We pride ourselves in rewriting the new emerging story of “AMAKA TAILORS” who disappoint you when they give you something entirely different from what you asked for, by curating a variety of attires, creating specially for you on request and providing accessories to match on our platform, just the way you want it and in the space of time you need it.

Most importantly, together our brands offer customers a wealth of styles and trends within fashion, beauty and accessories. WAWOOH yeah?

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