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The Glamour in Black

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Aristocratic, Beautiful, Classic and Commanding, is all that describes the color Black, and as opposed to what adults of old think, black is far from gloomy. It isn’t even close to drab unless you want it to be.

Master and Mistress of minimalism, show stopper in simplicity and a silent voice that speaks volume and thunder without a break.

The daring mind of an outgoing chic would not mind a little edge, exploration and fun in black. It is why she stands tall and proud amidst her peers, unshaken and open to what life brings. Let’s lose the poetry and give you an insight into how glamourous you can be in black, starting with our newly released glamorous black looks.


Ever found yourself in need of a drink with colleagues after work and your boring work outfit would set you way back rather than stand you out? Yeah Isabella probably felt that way too the night she went out for drinks with friends. (Fun fact- we don’t know Isabella and definitely have no idea about her feelings on a night out with Truth is there are evenings that turn out to be club nights from work and on evenings like this, you don’t want to be caught unaware. Dressing up to suit your work and social life is the best way to be prepared.

So What Works?

A satiny black skirt with fringes cascading from the mid-quarter thigh is the perfect answer for such nights. The Boss Lady (Fifi) Skirt works just fine for this. With an elegant high waist, hand beaded embellishments to the perfect silhouette its mouldy feature give to your womanly waist, hips and thighs, swish swoosh- you are ready to turn heads! Just don’t forget to lose the jacket/blazer, untie the perfect chignon on your pretty head and dance away in stilettos or flats.


Dinner dates after a long day or week of work demand that you ditch the gloomy dull dress for a fringe dress with an extra flare. Nothing says “I am hot and confident” like a little black number with fringes. A cute number like this would be the Fringe Dress by Woman by Aisha. While enjoying the ambience of the lovely dining, a little velvet or silk summer color clutch purse, tiny pearls and the trendy snake print mules would give the right finish, making a perfect ensemble that screams CLASSIC! There is no better way to end the day, dine fine, steal the attention you want and stamp your image in the minds of many.


If you are found sipping Magarita or scotch on the rocks on a friday night and in company of friends and lovers, what will you be wearing? We think for an extra edge and sass, the Black Fish-Net Dress is the real deal. So switch the wooly clothes, puffed sleeves and A-line for a fish net, knee length hot beauty. You are club ready and you are all in almost naughty nothing!


Even though the Nigerian entertainment scene lacks paparazzi in the real sense of it, you never can tell which freelance blogger is waiting for you to slip and have you make the news neither can you predict the eyes watching to blind you with light from the camera and deafen you with shutter clicks at the next red carpet event. Slip into the Coral Black Organza with dual usage as a kimono or dress when used with its complementary woven belt. Now you are picture worthy, sexy and elegant too. Pair look with orange custom earrings, neon bag or gold clutch and perspex stiletto-heels to match.

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